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Starting a new business, launching a product, deciding how to transition an existing venture…we understand your challenges. We’re always looking for great opportunities, entrepreneurs, and friends. Together we can find the pathways to get great ideas and products into the hands of customers.

Welcome to TMT America

Building today, to be ready for tomorrow.

At TMT America, we develop lasting relationships with entrepreneurs and business owners with unique products and ideas. We work together to find opportunities for growth and lasting success. Our focus is usually with small to mid-size, closely-held or family-owned companies, but we do work with larger organizations on occasion. We form partnerships and strategic alliances to help businesses reach their full potential.

Before TMT America

Thomas Trissl founded TMT America after leaving Centiva, the company he founded in 1996. Thomas started Centiva with an idea based on producing award winning flooring designs in a world class manner with an unshakeable commitment to do so in an environmentally responsible way. Perhaps the strongest plank in the strategy was to manufacture the product in the US. At a point when companies were moving their manufacturing overseas, Centiva made a commitment to make products domestically.

The company was able to develop a fan-based following that sought to use the products above others in a market that offers many somewhat homogenous products. The people of Centiva, including everyone who had a hand in the company, made it what it is and what it continues to be today. Centiva was sold to Tarkett, a Paris-based flooring conglomerate, in 2010. Thomas agreed to stay with the company for a couple of years, but having fulfilled his commitment, has moved on to found TMT America.


Nothing is more important in business than entrepreneurship, and that’s where you come in. Harnessing the spirit and energy from the development of new ideas and directing it toward your goals is where the rubber meets the road. TMT America works with businesses in all levels of development. We help put structure around ideas, link opportunities with resources, and mentor development. It’s an exciting and essential part of what we do.

Seeking New Ventures

New business interests are often looking for support, and larger established companies are often looking for new ideas and growth potential. Putting them together is part of what we do. At TMT America, we believe the best ideas deserve an audience. And ideas are the fuel for continued business development.

What’s Next

You are likely to find us walking the floors of the latest trade show looking for new products, in the board rooms of multi national companies discussing distribution challenges, or standing in a warehouse talking with the owner of a start up working through logistics details. The point is that we are looking for What’s Next and how to move it to the next step.

  • Got an idea for a new business?
  • Need to transition a growing business to new ownership?
  • Looking for technical, marketing, or managerial support for your operation?


Let’s talk

Inspiration & Product Design

There’s a lot to be excited about in the world of new products. Ideas can become reality faster than ever before, production put in place, and distribution networks opened. We’re excited about what we do and we look for people, ideas, and experiences that inspire us.

Meeting Challenges

Products must provide solutions, break new ground, and offer something better. Meeting these needs requires clever thinking paired with inspiration and a way to produce and deliver the product.

Design, Style, and Color

We are in the field looking for new designs, product improvements, and the answers to consumer needs of all kinds. That effort includes examining the latest style and color trends and just as importantly what fuels those trends.

What’s New

When a product is really new, it’s unique. But how did it get that way? Chances are it’s a combination of a broad range of inspiration, planning, and insights. We look for what’s new in the world of design, color, culture, and lifestyles.


Any product must consider how to integrate technology into the consumer experience from initial shopping research to the completion of their use of the product, measured in minutes or years.


Nothing in business is more exciting than seeing a new venture take off and getting the chance to meet the people behind it. Helping to keep that venture moving forward is a role we relish coming along side people like you as you develop your business.

Product Development

Globalization has taught us all that great ideas come from all over the world, but the best are not always funded. The ideas that are noticed, packaged, and organized best are funded. We can help with that process.

New ideas are affecting all areas of the décor world


Textures, colors, and embossing find their way on walls, floors, and ceilings.

Color and pattern use will always have an impact in product design.

Repeats, shapes, and surface treatments can inform all manner of products and ideas.


We look for unique product ideas that serve niche markets

Our goal is often to provide broader distribution opportunities for a great product


The product landscape is crowded out there, but strong ideas will capture customer interest when packaged just right and presented at the right time and place.

Our Approach

We look for products and ideas that are backed by entrepreneurs that believe in their companies and are excited by what they do. Our job is to help them with anything that they may be missing to reach the customer.

Hands On

Reading about a great idea is a great start. Seeing things first hand is the only way to really understand that idea, get to know the people behind it, and plan for the future. Ours is a hands-on approach.

Looking Ahead

The old rules for marketing a product are still at work, but no one can deny the impact of technology and communication advances that accelerate all areas of a business. Being first is important, but being first and right is also critical.

Our Market Focus

We spend a lot of our time in the décor, design, construction, and architectural industries. These are areas that we know well and can add the most value.

The décor marketplace is of special interest to TMT America. The opportunities there have never been greater.

Travel is so important. Great ideas are coming from all over the world.

There’s still no substitute for working closely with customers.

A hands-on approach is the only way to develop the best ideas and companies.


Partnerships make the difference. A little help can have a big impact.
Strategic arrangements that link needed resources can speed growth for everyone.


Many business owners reach the end of their career or are simply ready to move on to other opportunities, but do not have a way to transition the business to others. TMT America can assist with these changes making this a smooth process.


Strategic planning is all about looking for those unique advantages, special qualities, and routes to market that distinguish a business plan. Our team can walk with you through key business decisions.

Thinking Globally

Almost all business has international implications now. Those can be growth opportunities, but can also entail some risks. TMT America can assist in these areas.


Funding new ventures is part of what we do. Equity investments, on our part or in conjunction with others, are tools that we can employ to help get strong ideas the resources that they need.


We are not a consulting company. Instead, we have a wide network inside and outside of TMT America that can address specific needs. We aren’t a source for a big systems implementation project; more of a resource for solving problems and finding opportunities.

Goal Setting

What does success look like today, this month, this year, and over five years? It can’t be just making payroll (although that is a great start.) Together we can establish goals that define success today and tomorrow.


Are you a secret? That’s usually not a good thing. Establishing the platform from which your brand story will develop is so important. Consistency in communication and a thoughtful approach that will be used over time make the difference.


How do you make it? Regardless of what it is, you have to know how you will produce it. And all that surrounds the production process is important, as your margin is at stake. Together we can investigate your these areas.

Organic Growth

Can we just buy our competitors? You see this strategy with varying degrees of success, but how unique is your idea if you have a group of competitors doing just what you do. The organic growth of the idea and business platform is where many of the more unique business ventures find themselves. We can work together to ensure that organic is not a synonym for slow.

Partnerships based on the diverse needs of businesses are the new norm. Our focus is in putting the right groups together.

We can provide a fresh look at business opportunities and challenges coming along side you in your planning.


TMT America’s early ventures are diverse efforts bringing together entrepreneurs
with some of great brands and strong products.

Founded in 1891 and active in more than 20 countries worldwide, Schönox had never marketed its extensive subfloor product line in North America until it began working with TMT America.

We have a number of commercial properties under development or in the contract stages. Our key areas of interest at this time are in the eastern US with specific projects in the greater Atlanta, Mobile (AL,) and mid-Atlantic areas.

At Trissl Sports Cars we want to do our part to keep the legacy, as well as the future of Porsche secure. We have a firm interest in all things new at Porsche, but we are mostly concerned with existing Porsches in need of responsible owners.


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